Get More Than Just Pet Health Insurance With Pet Assure

Pet Assure isn't all about pet health insurance. We're sensitive to the whole experience of having and loving pets, and are pleased to offer discounts for pet lovers in other arenas. One of our favorites? Pet art!

Let us introduce you to a few of the artists who help make Pet Assure so much more than other pet health insurance plans.

Ever find yourself bored by the collar possibilities at your local pet store? Big Paw Designs makes "unique and classic accessories for hip dogs and cool cats." This one reminds us of dogs we know (and it's 15% off with Pet Assure)!

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Christy!Studios is the home of painter Christy Freeman. See that painting of a dog on the top of this post? That's one of Christy's vibrant watercolor original portraits of animals. Imagine the treasure of having an original portrait of your beloved pet! Commission one now, and with Pet Assure, save 20%.

Pet health insurance is only the beginning of what Pet Assure has to offer you!

4 Common Feline Ailments

The keys to good pet health are early detection of ailments and prevention by getting them in to the vet early on in their lives. The more aware you are of the most common cat ailments, the better and faster you can respond to them before they become life threatening. Here are 5 of the most common cat health problems and how to detect them.

1) Skin problems: Skin commons are one of the most commonly treatment cat ailments. Itching and hair loss are the tip-offs to most dermatological conditions.

2) Parasites: Also another very common health problem in  cats, they usually come by way of fleas and ticks.

3) Hyperthyroidism: The most common endocrine disorder is hyperthyroidism. It occurs when the thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone, and typically occurs in senior cats. Symptoms include increased appetite, unexplained weight loss, increased thirst and urination, vomiting, lethargy, weakness, and a dull coat.

4) Obesity: Recent studies have shown that as many as 40 to 50 percent of cats are overweight. Feline obesity of the common result of free-feeding, high-card dry foods, and a sedentary lifestyle.

All of these cat ailments are affordably treatable with the help of a veterinarian and a cat insurance plan. If you’re looking for an affordable pet insurance plan contact a Pet Assure representative today!

Pet Health Tips: 4 Common Breeds and Possible Ailments

Certain breeds of dogs are predisposed to certain ailments. Although not every dog is guaranteed to develop the diseases that are commonly seen in their breed, it’s always best to have a pet insurance plan in case they do start showing sign of illness, so you can get them in for treatment right away. Here are 4 common breeds and the corresponding health issues that may arise in them over the years:

American Cocker Spaniel: Progressive Retinal Atrophy (an eye condition that afflicts many breeds, especially those with protruding eyes), cataracts, glaucoma, eye abnormalities, skin conditions, hemphylilia, ear infections, heart disease and epilepsy.

Boxer: Conneal ulcers, bloat, tumors, digestive problems, heart disease

Boston Terrier: Respiratory difficulty, heat stroke, eye infections, eyelid abnormalities, cataracts

Dalmatian: hip dysplasia, inherited deafness, skin conditions,  kidney  stones

Golden Retriver: hip dysplasis, PRA, VWD (a blood clotting condition causing hemorrhaging from a simple illness).

Poodle: Addison’s disease, hip dysplasia, PRA, VWD, bloat cataracts, severe skin disease

If you’re concerned about the health conditions your dog may be predisposed to, you should look into pet health plan from Pet Assure. Only time will tell what the future holds for us and our pets, but it’s best to be prepared for anything. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for Pet Assure

We are a country full of people who love their pets. For most of us, our pets are just as loved as any other member of the family. Most people will go to any length to take care of their beloved animal and it’s very important for them to be safe, well-fed, comfortable and healthy. But one thing that many pet owners are on the fence about is a pet health insurance plan. Some are concerned that it’s an unnecessary expense, or that they won’t get the most for their money. If you find yourself having more questions than answers about a pet insurance plan, here are 3 reasons why you should sign up for a Pet Assure plan today:

1) Pet Assure ensures that your animal can get veterinary treatment when they need it, regardless of how tight your budget is. Because you get a 25 percent discount, you can instantly save at the vet’s office.

2) There are no exclusions, pre-existing condition bans, or benefit caps. No matter how old your pet is, you can still sign up and save.

3) You also get many national vendor discounts. A Pet Assure card can save in more places than the vets office. You can get discounts on pet grooming products, food, toys and other pet essentials. Go ahead and browse the list of vendors on our website and see for yourself!

Is Pet Assure the Same As Pet Insurance?

A Pet Assure plan differs from a standard pet insurance plan plan in a few ways and here’s some info to clear the air:

-With regular pet insurance there is typically a 14 day waiting period to get benefits. With Pet Assure, there’s no waiting period.

-There are quite a few exclusions general pet insurance mandates in terms of coverage some of these include: Elective procedures, Congenital or Hereditary defects, Pre-existing Medical Conditions. Pet Assure coverage has no exclusions.

-Regular pet insurance requires you to fill out and fax complicated claim forms in order to receive coverage. When you have a Pet Assure card, you receive 25% off at the participating vet’s office.

-With Pet Assure there are no deductibles to pay, but with regular pet insurance many people have reported paying $50 per incident.

-Cancer coverage is included with Pet Assure, whereas regular pet insurance has limited cancer coverage.

-Routine care is included with a Pet Assure membership but with regular pet insurance it’s $99 annually.

-Spay and neutering procedures are included in a Pet Assure membership and with standard pet insurance it’s a $65 reimbursement if the policy carries routine care endorsement.

Pet Insurance Gets You Discounts

Yes it’s true—in addition to the savings at your veterinarian’s office and the helpful lost pet recovery program, there are even more ways to save with a Pet Assure pet insurance plan. With your membership card you can end up saving a fortune on everything from pet food to pet books and magazines.
Here is a full list of everything you can save money on:
•    Breeders
•    Grooming
•    Pet food
•    Pet sitting
•    Training
•    Pet supplies
•    Pet Grievance
•    Pet books and magazines
•    Pet art
In addition to these categories, there is a whole category titled, Other Services and Items Deals in which you can save big on various odds and ends. Pet Assure is definitely the best way to save big while getting your pet everything it could ever need. The discounts are another way that a Pet Assure plan really stands out from the rest. Any other pet insurance plan would just cover the vet visits and offer little perks for being a policy holder.

Tips for Older Cats

Cats really begin to visibly show their age by the time they hit the seven year mark. In addition to physical changes, they experience certain metabolic, immunologic, and body composition changes as well. Some of these aren’t preventable as it’s a natural progression of life. When cats age, health issues may arise, including:

- deterioration of skin and coat
- loss of muscle mass
- more frequent intestinal problems
- arthritis
- obesity
- dental problems
- decreased ability to fight off infection

However if you want your cat to live its life to the fullest even in its golden years, there are several steps you can take including altering their diet and taking them to vet regularly using your pet health insurance plan. Here are some tips:

1)    Put your cat on a Senior Diet around 7 years of age.

2)    Talk to your vet about increasing your cat’s Vitamin E intake. This can help boost their antibodies and ward off illnesses.

3)    Routine care for older cats should include regular visits to the vet. Investing in cat insurance, if you haven’t already could be a great way to save and get your beloved pet the care they need.